How to eliminate Error 2 140 21?

Canon printer error 2 140 21 occurs when there is a technical issue with the printer setting. You can resolve this error by turning off Windows Firewall however there may be other reasons as well for which we are proving you the below steps by step guide. Solutions to resolve errors 2, 140, and 21 are commonly the same.

Causes of Error 2 140 21:

  • When you’re using paper that is not compatible.
  • Due to damaged Paper Feeder.
  • Faulty Ink Cartridges can also cause this error.

How to solve Canon Printer Error 2 140 21?

Here we’re discussing 4 methods of resolving this Canon Printer Error 2 140 21:-

Stop Printing Process:

  • Click on the Start menu option > Control panel > Device & Printers.
  • Select the “Printer” option and click on the “Stop printing” option.

Install the New Ink Cartridge:

  • Write down the model number of the canon printer.
  • Turn off the printer and open the printer cover.
  • Now, carefully pull out the Ink Cartridge and refill the Ink tank.
  • Remove the packing of the Ink Cartridge and shake it for a while.
  • Remove the protective packing material and install the new cartridge inside the Canon Printer.
  • Now, try to test a print job.

Start Restoring Process:

  • Press the power button and turn off the canon printer.
  • Detach all the power cables from the wall outlet and reconnect the cables again after some time.
  • Press the Power button and turn on the canon printer.
  • Hold the Resume button for a few minutes and after some time the light will automatically turn on.
  • Release the button and your printer will start restoring.

Turn off the Windows Firewall:

  • Press the Start menu option and open the Control Panel.
  • Click on the “System and Security” option.
  • The list will be shown now select the “Windows Firewall” option.
  • Turn off the Windows Firewall and press the “OK” option.
  • Through this process, new Windows Firewall changes are saved.

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