Error 1686 Appears When Cartridge is Low on Ink

Canon printer error 1686 shows that printer is running out of ink from the cartridge. You need to refill the cartridge to resolve this error.

Other reasons: Dust can build up on print heads or nozzles, or cartridges can become clogged or dry, reducing or preventing ink flow.

Steps to fix error support code 1686

Fill the Ink Cartridge:-

  • Remove the printer cartridge.
  • Find the ink-fill hole on the cartridge

Note: Create a fill hole in the absence of one. If there is no fill hole on the cartridge (or the hole is covered with a seal)

  • Fill the syringe with ink.
  • Slowly add the ink to the cartridge.
  • Cover the hole with a small piece of tape.
  • Reinsert the cartridge(s) and print a test page.

After filling the ink cartridge if it’s still not working. Then follow below instruction:

Press the Stop/Reset/Resume button for 5 seconds. This indicates to your printer that you are aware of this low/empty cartridge estimate but wish to continue printing.

Tip: While the button’s name may vary, the symbol that represents it will always be the same.

Canon printer error 1686

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