Resolving Error 1682 Code on your Printer

This Canon Printer Error 1682 indicates that the Ink Cartridge is not identified by your Canon printer. If you want to resolve this error you’ve to reinstall the Ink Cartridge properly. You can resolve this error by using the ways given in this article.

Other Reason: Facing the trouble in recognizing one or more of the cartridges.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error 1682?

The given ways help many canon printer users in resolution:-

Remove & Reinstall the Ink Cartridge:


Basically, you’ve to remove both the colored and black cartridges. Sometimes the damaged Ink Cartridge specifies the error 1682. Check whether the error is resolved after removing the Ink Cartridge.

Remove the cartridge and clean it by using cotton or a piece of cloth. Now, reinstall both cartridges in the correct positions. Close the printer cover and try to run a test print.

Spread Ink can cause Error 1682:


Open the printer cover and wipe the ink spread on the printer. You can consider wiping the contacts with a piece of tissue or a dry piece of cloth. Cleaned out the ink with cotton dipped in an Alcohol solution.

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