How to fix Error 1487 Appear Suddenly?

Canon printer error 1487 is an error message that usually appears when the fine cartridge is not installed in the accurate place. In this article, we mentioned the resolution methods by which you can resolve the error.

Fixing: Canon printer error 1487

This error usually refers to ink cartridges installed in the wrong position and a simple check of the cartridge codes and re-installation should resolve this. Here’s how!

Install the FINE cartridge

  • Open the front cover of the printer, then open the paper output tray.
  • Open the paper output cover.
  • Then, remove the FINE cartridges.
  • Now, install the FINE cartridges again in the correct position
  • Push up the FINE cartridge until it clicks into place
canon printer error 1487
  • Close the cover.

Note: If the error is not resolved, the FINE cartridge may be damaged. In this case you need to replace a FINE cartridge

Replacing a FINE Cartridge

  • Open the front cover of the printer,
  • Open the paper output tray and cover.

Open the paper output tray and cover.
  • When the FINE cartridge holder moves to the replacement position, the head cover opens Automatically.
  • Remove the empty FINE cartridge.
  • Push down the ink cartridge lock lever until it clicks.
  • Take a new FINE cartridge out of its package and remove the protective tape gently.
  • Insert the new FINE cartridge straight into the FINE cartridge holder all the way until it touches the back.

Important Tip: Color FINE cartridge install into the left slot and the black FINE cartridge install into the right slot.

  • Push up the ink cartridge lock lever to lock the FINE cartridge into place.
  • Close the paper output cover.

Verify cartridge codes are correct

Verify that the cartridge codes on the labels are correct or not. If you have any doubts as to which cartridge is compatible with your printer, please contact the Canon support website.

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