How do I get my Canon printer out of Error 1486?

We face this Canon printer error 1486 when we install more than one ink cartridge. You have to use only one Ink Cartridge at a time. The main causes and solutions for this error are explained in this article.

Other Reason: The ink cartridge is not installed in the correct position.

Fix Canon Printer Error 1486:

Here we’re discussing the following steps for fixing up Error 1486:-

Remove both the Ink Cartridge :


Remove both the Ink Cartridge placed inside your Canon Printer. First, unplug the power cables and USB cables. Open the Printer head and remove both the Ink Cartridge smoothly.

Check the Cartridge Codes :

Check the Cartridge codes labeled on both Ink cartridges. Make sure that you’re using both ink cartridges colored and black. If you’re not sure then search the information about your printer by entering the Printer Model Number on the Canon Printer Official website. The printhead can help you to identify the black and colored cartridge.

Reinstall the Ink Cartridge :


Reinstall both the Ink Cartridge inside your Canon Printer in the correct position. Make sure that there are no markings on the printer. Turn off the canon printer and open the printer cover. Now, remove the Ink cartridge and clean it with a dry piece of cloth. Gently again, set the Ink Cartridge inside the Canon printer.

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