How to Solve an Error 1403 Code on Canon Printer?

An inappropriate position of the ink cartridge can cause this Canon printer error 1403. For resolving this error, you’ll need to replace the Canon ink cartridge.

Causes: Canon Printer Error 1403

  • Faulty Printhead
  • Foreign material stuck inside the printer.
  • The FINE cartridge is damaged.

Resolve Canon Printer Error 1403:

Instructions are given for resolving this Error 1403.

Restart the Canon Printer:

You can easily resolve some canon printer errors through simple restarting. Detach all the power cables and again connect the cables so that you can quickly restart Canon Printer. After this check, if the error still persists or not.

Update the Driver:

We may suffer from this error 1403 because of outdated drivers. It is necessary to update canon printer driver. For performing updating process use the device manager.

Change the Printer Settings:

Click on the Start menu > Settings > “Printers and Faxes”. On the printer open properties and change canon printer settings as per requirements.

Replace the Ink Cartridge:


Disconnect all the power cables and open the printer cover. Check the position of the Ink cartridge placed inside the canon printer. If the cartridge is faulty then purchase a new cartridge and remove the packing material properly. Push out the faulty cartridge and replace canon cartridge with a new one. After replacing the cartridge close the printer cover.

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