Install Canon Pixma TR4522 Driver and Software

In order to use your printer and scanner properly, you need to install the drivers and software that allow it to work with your computer. To utilize all functions of your canon Pixma tr4522 printer, you may need the Canon software for your model. Follow below instructions mentioned here.

  • Go to the Canon Support page so we can search for the specific printer model you have.
  • Enter your Canon model in the box. When your model appears below the box, click it.
  • You will be redirected to the Drivers & Downloads page for the model you searched for in the previous step.
  • Select the Drivers, Software or Firmware tab depending on what you want to download.
    • If you are installing your printer for the first time, have updated your computer operating system, or the printer is unable to communicate with the computer, you will need to download the recommended driver in order to print.
  • Choose the Select button to the right of the software or driver file you wish to download.
  • Once you press “Select” the button will change to say “Close“.
  • Select Download to save the file to your computer.
  • Once the download is complete, double-click on the file from the download location.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

How to Connect TR4522 to a Windows Computer using Cable?

  • Connect the USB cable to the correct port on the printer.
  • Download and install the canon tr4522 driver software on your computer.
  • Open the “Control panel” folder on your computer.
  • On clicking the “View printers and devices” option add the printer name to the computer by selecting the “Add a printer” option.
  • Select the menu and try printing the test page using the Canon Pixma tr4522 printer.

How to Connect TR4522 to Windows Computer Wireless?

  • Refer to the wireless setup instructions given on this page to connect your printer to a wireless network.
  • Ensure that the wireless light is solid, and then download the software on the computer.
  • Follow the instructions on the setup screen and agree to the license agreement.
  • Select the preferred mode of connection as “Wireless” and click Continue.
  • Now, the software will detect the printer as the wireless setup has already.
  • Click on Finish, and the canon printer will be connected wireless successfully.

How to Install Canon TR4522 the Ink Cartridges?

After turning on your new Canon printer, the next step is to install the ink cartridges. Follow the basic and general cartridge installation steps for the Canon printers.

  • Initially, open the cartridge access door. Now you can see the cartridge moving towards the center.
  • Then, take the new ink cartridge and unwrap it from the pack.
  • Now, peel off the plastic material and the protective sheet off the copper heads.
  • After that, insert the cartridges into the slots carefully and lock them in place.
  • Finally, close the access door and verify of the printer head can move smoothly.

Perform the test print to check whether the canon pixma tr4522 printer is ready to use. Hope this article is helpful to you. Thank you!!