Prepare the Canon MX922 wireless printer

Go through the below-mentioned instructions one by one to make your Canon Pixma Mx922 wireless printer setup on your PC and use it to print the document without any hassle. Let’s have a glimpse at the given points:

Step 1: Connect Your Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

Once you go through the following noted steps, you can effort-freely connect your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi. Hence, lets’ start doing the same:

  • First, turn your Canon printer ON by pressing the Power button.
canon pixma mx922
  • Next, click on the “Settings” option, press the arrow button and once you get the “Device Settings” option, press “OK”.
  • Now, tap on the arrow button until you see “LAN Settings”. Once you find it, click on the OK tab.
  • Then, press the arrow button until you go to wireless LAN setup. Now, click OK.
  • After doing this, the printer will start searching for the Wi-Fi network, in the meanwhile, the light will be flashing.
  • If the searching process takes more time, then you can click on the “Stop” button.
  • Doing this will move to “Wireless LAN setup, standard setup”. Now, press OK.
  • Click on the arrow button until you get your wi-fi network. Once you find it, click OK
  • After that, enter your password for the Wi-Fi and then press ok, once again tap the “OK” button if the screen says connected.

Step 2: Add Your Wireless Canon Printer To Your Computer

After successfully connecting your Canon wireless printer to your Wi-Fi network, it is required to add it to your computer to get it to work. Here’s how to add your printer to your computer. Follow the given points:

  • Press the Windows logo and R keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
canon pixma mx922
  • Doing this, a Run dialog box will open.
canon pixma mx922
  • Copy ‘control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters’ and paste it in your search box. And then click OK.
canon pixma mx922
  • Tap “Add a Printer” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Now, in the end, your wireless Canon printer is successfully added to your PC and your printer is now been connected to your wi-fi network.

After completing these two steps, you can print a test page to check whether it is functioning appropriately or not.

Connecting Canon PIXMA Mx922 on Windows

The steps here will aid the users to connect their Canon Pixma Mx922 printer on Windows using the USB cable.

  • Once the printer is plugged into the computer, the window system will start installing the printer setup.
  • Be careful not to ON the printer until it is asked in the setup process.
  • Plug the right end of the USB cable that you received with the printer into the USB port on your printer.
  • Here, plug the other end of the USB cable into the free USB port on your PC and turn on your .
  • Hit the start button. Select open “Devices and Printers” from the Control Panel.
  • Select the local printer option after clicking on the “Add a printer” option.
canon pixma mx922
  • At this step search and hit the port where your printer is connected to the PC.
  • Next, the user will come across a Canon option pop up on your window screen.
  • Select it and chose your printer type. Once you are done, hit the “Next” button
  • The user may also get a name for the printer. Perform this step and then hit the “Next” button again
  • Hit the “Next” option in case you would like to share the printer. Hit finish if you want to keep your printer as the default printer.
  • Congratulations on this step your Canon Pixma Mx922 printer will be connected to Windows with the help of USB cable.