A Complete Guide On Canon Pixma MG2522 Setup

Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer is one of the most excellent products offered by Canon. It is an ideal printer for all those looking for an affordable yet well-featured printer to fulfill home printing requirements. We have given step-by-step procedures to set up the Canon Pixma MG2522 on Windows and Mac devices.

How to Perform the Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless Setup?

You are recommended to follow each and every step mentioned below to get the Canon MG2522 printer setup successful:

Step 1: Initial Printer Setup of the Canon MG2522

Here you have to unpack your printer and install the printer driver. Follow the instructions as cited below.

  • Unbox the Canon MG2522 by using a cutter. Unwrap the cover from the printer.
  • Bring out the power cord and the ink cartridge from the printer shipment box. Keep the power cord aside.
  • You can notice an application driver CD inside the printer package. Turn on the computer and place the CD on the disc drive of your computer.
  • Go to the My Computer section and double-click on the drive option to start the installation. Opt for the Run option from the pop-up display.
  • Tap on the Next option to carry on the installation procedure. Meanwhile, you need to accept all the terms and conditions and follow the appearing guidelines.
  • After that, click the Install button. You have to wait until the installation gets done.
  • Finally, select the Finish button when the installation is successful. Quit all the tabs.

Step 2: Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless Setup

You have almost completed the necessary setups for your printer. If you wish to connect your printer to Wi-Fi then this guide is for you. Check out the steps below.

  • Switch on the Canon printer. Ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is secure and advanced.
canon pixma mg2522
  • You have to press the Wi-Fi key on your printer. Wait until the Wi-Fi indicator LED flashes.
canon pixma mg2522
  • When the LED flashes you need to press the Connect key. Again wait until the indicator blinks.
  • Now, choose the access point that you wish to connect. Provide the password to access the network.
  • Lastly, press the Ok button to establish the Canon MG2522 wireless setup.

Step 3: Wireless Setup Of Canon Pixma MG2522 On Windows

Now, that the Canon Pixma is connected to WiFi and the software are downloaded, users can set up their Canon MG2522 Setup for Windows by following:

  • Now, ensure that your system is connected to the same WiFi as your printer.
  • Thereafter, you’ll find your printer on the available printer list.
  • Next, hit “Start” and search “Control Panel”. Then, tap “Devices and Printers”.
canon pixma mg2522
canon pixma mg2522
  • Afterward, hit “Add Printer” and select “MG2522” from there.
  • Finally, the wireless setup of Canon Pixma MG2522 on windows is complete.

Step 4: Wireless Setup Of Canon Pixma MG2522 On Mac

The steps to perform wireless setup of Pixma MG2522 on Mac differs from the Windows. Here, to ensure a proper wireless setup of the Canon Pixma MG2522 Mac, follow these:

  • Firstly, ensure that your Mac and printer are both connected on the same network.
  • Thereafter launch the printer driver downloaded file.
  • Next, install the driver and provide admin credentials if prompted.
  • Select “Wireless” for the connectivity option when requested.
  • Thereafter, visit “Menu” and choose “System-Preferences”.
canon pixma mg2522
  • Now, tap “Printers and Scanners”. Then, click “+” on your Mac device.
canon pixma mg2522
  • Finally, add the Canon Pixma MG2522 printer from the appearing list.

Step 5: Stack the Papers to Canon MG2522

Go through the instructions to load papers into the paper tray of the printer.

  • Be sure that you have switched on the printer. Now, you have to open the input tray of the printer.
  • Simply pull the tray gently.
  • Gather papers of the same size. Place the papers on the tray and use the width patterns to adjust their alignment.
  • Push the tray back to your Canon MG2522 printer. You can hear a click sound when the tray snaps perfectly.

By applying all the steps and procedures mentioned above, the users would connect their Canon Pixma MG2522 wireless printer to Windows or Mac devices.