Change Ink Cartridge on Canon inkjet Printer

Let’s start by replacing the ink cartridge on the printer. To do this follow the procedure, every inkjet printer is a little different, but they all follow the same basic steps. Follow the steps below to replace the ink cartridge on a Canon Pixma printer.

Step 1: Tips While Changing Ink Cartridge

  • If you can’t find the model name and details check on the documentation that came with the printer.
  • Do not pull the print head out of its housing. It should move out automatically, either when the lid is opened or a button is pressed. As this might damage the printer.
  • Make sure you get cartridges from the correct manufacturer. They are not compatible with different brands, and often within the same brand.
  • Some cartridges have clips that can be pressed in to release them from the ink tray.
  • Be sure of the way to remove it. Pull it at an angle away from point of attachment and it might cause damage and we can’t keep it back properly.
  • Do not remove your cartridges unless you have replacements ready. Leaving a print head empty for too long can dry it out, making it unusable. Even dust can enter and heat the printer.
  • Always print a test page after inserting the ink cartridges so that ink followed can be checked and corrected before you print your real document as it is sometimes seen to get a print of heavy ink in starting and slowly to normal thickness.

Steps 2: Change Ink in the Canon Pixma Printer

  • Remove the papers in the printer and switch on, or else the cartridges will never come out of the printer.
canon pixma change ink
  • Turn on the printer and open the clip where the cartridges are there.
  • Now, the cartridges will move for some time and settled in the center of the printing area.
canon pixma change ink
  • Press the head of the cartridge holder and slowly remove the ink cartridge.
canon pixma change ink
  • Try to note down the cartridge details and purchase exactly the same type.
  • You can even refill the cartridges with ink if you have which is way simpler but be careful while refilling it.
  • Shake well before unwrapping the cartridge. Do it to prevent leakage problems.
  • Almost all cartridges will have a protective sticker or piece of plastic over the dispenser that needs to be removed before installation.
  • Insert the ink cartridge carefully that to in the reverse of the way you remove them. Do it gently and less pressure.
  • And now, close the lid. And you are done with this.

A step-by-step guide has been written so that you can easily change the ink cartridge of the Canon pixma printer.