How to Troubleshooting Canon MG5650 printer?

Most Canon printer users have an issue with their printer. And day by day it’s getting very frustrating, But don’t worry we will help you in troubleshooting the canon mg5650 printer.

Types of Canon MG5650 printer Issues

We have come across the most common types of printing problems and solutions with Canon MG5650 printers. Let’s do this:-

Problem: Canon MG5650 Printer Not Responding

Troubleshooting: If you face the printer not responding problem, one of the first things you can try is to power cycle the printer.

  • Detach the printer’s power supply and disconnect it from the PC.
  • After 30-40 seconds, plug in the printer’s power supply, connect it to the PC, and power on the printer.

if the above method doesn’t work, then remove the printer and re-add it to your computer:-

  • Press Window + I to open the setting menu.
  • Select Devices > Printers & scanners from the list.
Canon Mg5650 Printer Troubleshooting
  • Click on the printer name and tap Remove device.
Canon Mg5650 Printer Troubleshooting
  • Now, reboot the computer and add the printer again.

To do so, from the Printers & scanners menu, select Add a printer or scanner.

Problem: Canon MG5650 Printer Print Slowly

Troubleshooting: If your printer has been printing for a long time, the speed may begin to slow. To fix it, you’ll need to reset your printer. Here’s how:

  1. Turn on your canon printer and disconnect the power cable from the printer.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the power cable to your printer and the wall outlet.

if the above method doesn’t work, then Undo/Cancel all Printing Process:-

  • Navigate to the Control panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
  • Now, choose your Canon printer.
  • Right-click on it and tap see what’s printing.
Canon Mg5650 Printer Troubleshooting
  • Select the document you are trying to stop printing.
  • Tap Cancel.
  • Tap Yes to confirm.

Problem: Canon MG5650 Printing Blank Pages

Troubleshooting: Unclog the print head using the printer’s automatic cleaning cycle. You can activate this cycle from your printer’s control panel or at the Printer Properties from your computer’s Control Panel.

Note: first you have to restart your printer by following the above-mentioned steps may this resolve the issue.

Remove the ink cartridges by lifting up or pushing on the tab that holds them in place and pulling them out. Use a cotton or foam rubber swab moistened with bottled water to gently clean it off. Dry the contact point with a clean swab or allow it to air dry for 10 minutes before replacing the ink cartridge in the printer.

If the above method doesn’t work, then follow the steps below to make sure that your cartridges are fully operational and in good condition:

  • Check the Toner / Ink Levels to find out whether or not there’s sufficient ink left. If there isn’t enough left in the tank, you’ll have to replace the empty cartridges with fresh ones.
  • Take out the Ink Cartridges and check for any damages. If you discover faulty units, replace them with new ones as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that each cartridge is installed correctly. Remove the ink tanks and reinstall them properly, one by one. Make sure that every unit locks firmly into place.

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