Fix 5200 Error – Ink level is low

Canon printer error 5200 is caused by due to lack or running out of ink in the printer cartridge.

Cause of Canon Printer Error 5200

Though the main reason for this error is related to ink cartridge however there are other possibilities of error as well mentioned below.

  • Cartridge fault.
  • Low or empty cartridges.
  • Incorrect cartridge installation.
  • Logic board damage.

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error 5200

  1. Turn the printer off and on.
  2. Check ink cartridge is full or not. If not, fill it.
    (Note: This is one of the most common methods.)
  3. Clean the print head: Use the in-built cleaning tool to clean it.
    • If the printhead is clean:
      • Use the printhead to remove the dry ink.
      • This is usually found by navigating to “Settings” on your printer, then selecting “Maintenance” and “Cleaning“.
  4. Reset Canon Printer
    • Turn off the printer by pressing the “ON” button.
    • Press the “On” button and the “Stop” button simultaneously.
    • Release the “Stop button” after 2-3 seconds but keep the “ON” button pressed.
    • After that without releasing the “ON” button, press the “Stop” button 5 times an interval of about 2 seconds.
    • Release all buttons at once.
      Note: The display will start going blank.
    • Now the “ON” button will start blinking.
    • Once the “ON” button stops blinking, press it to turn off the printer. When this process is completed, your work will be done.

If the error still not removed there might be possibility that Logic board is damaged, please contact nearest Canon printer support provider.

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