Print from an iPad with or without Airprint

The answer is yes! Printers are compatible with iPads, and you have two options if you want to print or scan documents using this device. In this guide, we’ll help take you through the process of printing from an iPad with a couple of different methods to suit your needs.

How to Print from your iPad using AirPrint?

To print with AirPrint, there’s no need to install or set up a printer on the iPad in the same way that you’d need to do with a traditional computer. Just make sure that your iPad is on the same Wi-Fi network as the printer you plan to use, and then do this:

  • Open the email or document that you want to print on your iPad.
  • Locate and hit the “Share” button, which is the square with an arrow aiming upward out of its center.
can you print from an ipad
  • On the bottom bar of icons, the gray images are set over white squares, swipe left until you see an image of a printer over the word “Print.”
can you print from an ipad
  • Tap “Select Printer” and wait for the list of nearby AirPrint printers to appear in the list.
  • Select the printer you want to use.
can you print from an ipad
  • Select any print options you desire, such as the number of copies, and printing in color or black & white.
  • Tap “Print.”
can you print from an ipad

How to Print from your iPad without AirPrint?

Not all printers have the AirPrint feature, especially if they are a bit older. But if they have a wireless capability, you should still be able to print from it wirelessly. All you need to do is first download the app associated with your particular printer, which should be free and easy to find in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the printer’s app on your phone or tablet. Turn on your printer’s WiFi.
  • Go into your phone or tablet’s “Settings” and hit the WiFi tab.
  • Locate your printer under “CHOOSE A NETWORK…” and tap on it.
  • Pull up the document, image, or webpage you want to print, then hit the “Share” icon.
  • You should now be able to connect the printer through the app and print.

Fortunately, you no longer need a computer when you want to print files. Printing directly from your iPad is highly convenient and saves time.