Problem with feeding the Paper – Error E60

Brother Printer Error E60 occurs when the printer detected a problem with feeding the paper. The fan also causes this error because of overheating. But if the printer fan is physically damaged then contact the near Brother Printer Service Center.

Causes of Brother Printer Error E60:

  • Due to malfunctioning of the fan.
  • The technical error that occurs while using brother printer.
  • Fan overheats can cause this error.

Resolve the Brother Printer error E60:

There are two effective methods of resolving this Error E60.

Turn off the Brother Printer:

For resolving the technical error first unplug the power cables and switch off the Power button. Now, wait for a while until the Brother printer cools down. After some time, plug the cables again and switch on the buttons. Press the Power button and turn on the Brother printer. Delete all the print jobs and start with a fresh job.

Set the additional settings:

  • Click on the Start button and search the Control Panel.
  • Left-click on the Control panel and select the System and Security Option > System and Maintenance option.
  • Click on the Same option > Administrative tool.
  • Select the Services option.
  • Scroll down you’ll find the printer spooler.
  • Click on the Spooler option and restart your device.
  • Select the automatic startup and click on the Apply option.

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