How to Scan a Document from Printer to Computer

How to Scan a Document from Printer to Computer? All-in-one printers from the likes of Canon, Epson, Ricoh, and Brother have made office work all the more simple. These printers do so much more than printing, boasting scanning and copying capability, and sometimes a fax feature as well. No matter what kind of HP printercontinue reading

How to Clean HP Printhead

How to Clean HP Printhead? When your printer starts producing random smudges and lines in the print results, it’s a symptom that signals clogged print head nozzles and that a printer head cleaning is needed to fix the issue. This guide will show you how to clean the printhead of your HP printer. Method 1:continue reading

Why Is My Printer Printing Blank Pages

Why is My Printer Printing Blank Pages? There are several reasons that we assume to be responsible for printing blank pages. Undoubtedly, it is annoying and frustrating if you encounter your printer printing blank pages since it costs you precious time. Well, here we are listing down some probable causes of the relevant issue; Ifcontinue reading

How to Print from iPhone Without AirPrint

How to Print from iPhone Without AirPrint? Since you have read this article so far, we can safely assume that you are here in search of how to print from an iPhone without AirPrint. Well, through this post, we are going to show you the easiest possible ways to print email, pictures, or documents fromcontinue reading

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi? Canon Printer with Wifi functionality is an economical printer for your business and a smart solution for all your printing habits. It can be a cost-efficient product if used wisely. This blog will explain all the steps to connect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi. Connect the Canon printercontinue reading

How to Turn Bluetooth on Epson Printer

How to Turn Bluetooth on Epson Printer? Bluetooth is one technology that lets you send documents or photos to a printer without needing to physically connect the printing device to a computer, mobile, or laptop. Bluetooth is now accessible with a lot of printers and the Epson printer is one of them. When you wantcontinue reading

Why Does My HP Printer Say Offline

What To Do When Your Printer is Offline? HP Printers have been the choice of people for many years for its high-end printing technology and features. For the most part, a printer will appear “Offline” if your computer is unable to establish communication with the device. This could be due to factors like loose cablecontinue reading

Where is the WPS Pin on My Printer

where is the wps pin on my printer? When you are asked for the WPS PIN, it’s right on the screen of your printer. A message comes up when you are trying to connect your computer wirelessly to your printer. The PIN changes though. So, if you need to connect a different computer to yourcontinue reading

How to Clean Epson Print Head

How To Clean Print Heads In Epson Printer? After your printer has been used for a number of projects, it’s common for users to begin running into quality issues. This can include streaking, fading, or even missing text on your prints, and it can often be the result of a dirty printhead. What is acontinue reading